The iberian ham of acorn

The ham is the leg of the animal, shoulders the arm shoulder of the animal and loins the upper and middle part of the animal. Each pieces have been baked in salt crust and matured slowly in natural cellars.

The iberian ham or Pata negra belong to the black iberian pig unlike “Serrano ham » which arise from the white breed. The Quality of the ham of Rubistierra is guaranted by selecting the best genetic hog, the natural environment called la Dehesa meaning the oak forest with a rich harvest of acorn, and the curing process of at least 3 years. To certify and label our Rubistierra ham as iberico de bellota, it is taken a long time almost 5 years, with a strict assurance program of husbandry. It is a complete organic product.

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Iberian ham
Cerdo Iberico