Ham Rubistierra tasting

The ham of a Rubistierra is a delight, all the senses are interacting. At first sight, it is guitar shaped with the distinguishing fine bones. While slicing thinly, a well-aged ham has a particular marbled texture, white streak mixed-up with a vivid red-colour covered with small crystals. The intense and rich smell evocates Estremadura´s hot-climate and the mellow flavour with a sweet final taste is derived from the complete fermentation of the acorn (bellota).

The intense aroma of Rubistierra ham is one of the finest: a distinctive and distinguished quality, stemming from the combination of the rebellious land of Extremadura and the refiner´s traditional and innovative skills

Corte de Jamon 1 Ibero tasting
Corte de Jamon Iberico Rubistierra